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Program of IBA Black Sea Bureau 2013

Our company conducts trainings regularly. Every year we  make annual program of actions.

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SIA Close Protection training in Ukraine

 IBA Black Sea Bureau invites you to the SIA Close Protection training.



Welcome to the International Bodyguard Association


Welcome to the IBA Black Sea - the oldest and the largest organization


The International Bodyguard Association

The I.B.A. is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) established in Paris in December 1957. The Association's primary objective is to train officers of government and corporate security in world class bodyguard techniques for protection. The training courses can only be attended by those men or women who are psychologically and physically healthy, and who are of 18 years minimum age. Provided an individual has no criminal record they may enrol in the IBA training programme. Each IBA course is authenticated through a diploma issued to the trainee signed by the Director General and impressed with the legal seal of the International Bodyguard Association.

Worldwide Coverage

Founded in Paris in December 1957 by Major Lucien Victor Ott, a much decorated French Para-commando veteran, the International Bodyguard Association is the oldest and the largest bodyguard association, with sites of protective service and education worldwide. The IBA has established itself as the premier world training organization for Bodyguards.

It has been at the forefront of Bodyguard education in the emerging Baltic and Balkan Republics, the European Union Security; in the new South Africa, in Afghanistan and throughout the new Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. During 2004, the IBA in addition to their regular courses trained classes of Iraqi Police, Cambodian Police, elements of the US Army's 1st Special Forces Group, Bodyguards for United Nations Security, Bodyguards and Drivers for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

In 2005, IBA training was provided to the Thai National Police and Royal Thai Navy SEALS. Last year, the Mongolian Government organized an IBA course for their Special Forces, Central Intelligence Agency and the State Special Security Agency and Police SWAT unit. In the UK, IBA graduates were among the first to complete their training for the new state SIA CP licence. Training was completed through a partnership between the IBA and New College. Last year IBA graduates successfully and safely completed high risk PSD and CP missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South East Asia .

The IBA consistently provides the highest level of training to government, military, police and civilian Bodyguards. World-class security instructors give specialist training and guidance in a unique learning environment, helping bodyguards to develop professional skills and industry knowledge throughout their careers. The International Bodyguard Association's reputation for excellence is a result of nearly 50 years achievement in protective skills training.

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