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  Code Of Professional Ethics  

  1. As a member of the international Bodyguard Association (IBA), I acknowledge that it is my personal responsibility to further the professional development of myself and other men and women who serve in the protection industry.
  2. I will always exhibit the highest level of integrity in the performance of my professional duties, and I will carry out my responsibilities with professional competence.
  3. I will not engage in any unethical or illegal conduct, or in any activity that could jeopardize my responsibilities. I undertake to refrain from using narcotic or intoxicating substances that might hinder my judgement and my ability to perform my duties to the fullest of my abilities.
  4. I will keep an open mind and commit myself to the pursuit of knowledge and information for the purpose of discovering new methods and systems.
  5. I will always be honest when dealing with my principals, fellow Bodyguards, the
    International Bodyguard Association (IBA) it's members and officers, business associates and all others, and I will uphold the standards established by our founder, Lucien Victor Ott.
  6. I acknowledge that a great deal of trust and responsibility has been given to me and I know that I must dedicate myself in the furtherance of the bodyguard profession  and those whom I am sworn to protect.
  7. I will always acknowledge the fact I am a member of a truly unique international
    organization and I will not hold any animosity or discriminate against another IBA member based solely on ethnic origin (Nationality or Skin Color), gender or religious persuasion (Creed).
  8. I will be truthful in representing myself to my principals, potential employers and fellow members of the IBA. Further I will not misrepresent my Capabilities, or myself.
  9. I will not misrepresent myself as a Instructor or any other officer of the IBA nor will I teach bodyguard skills to any person as such until I have received written permission of the Director General of the IBA.
  10. Lastly, I will commit myself to attaining excellence in all areas of the bodyguard profession.


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