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The International Bodyguard Association provides training of highly-qualified personal protection specialists. Our training sessions are conducted by qualified instructors of international level, which have passed professional training programme of the International Bodyguards Association and  the Intrenational Law Enforcement Training Agency. Preparation of highly-qualified specialist in the sphere of personal security requires a minimum of two years of regular training and practical application of skills. The basic skills which must have the professional bodyguard are:
1. Risk management
2. Protective escort
3. Protective driving
4. Search and detection of improvised explosive devices
5. Communication and anti electronic control
6. Pre-medical aid
7. Conter sniper preparation
The International Bodyguard Association begins to train specialists with a basic course on which future assistants of the personal protection get common knowledge in the chosen profession, learn basic skills and principles of work. After successful completion of the basic training course of the International Association of bodyguards the student receives a diploma and become a member of the IBA.
You can grow your practice and improve certain skills  at special courses.  











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